EMONITA Wall Mount Charging for ipad 7/8/9th generation

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Wall Mounted Charging for ipad 7/8/9th generation

Models: A7

Both input, 100-240V or 12V2A input, you should select one of it, not both.

Mode: Manual / Automatic(8+16)

Manual : Indicator Red light, Automatic: Indicator White lights

How to switch Manual and Automatic? Long press buttom 6 seconds.

The automatic mode provides 8+16 working mechanism by default, it will stop the outpurt after 8 hours of charging, and restart the charging output after 16 hours of stopping.

Rotating shaft: 360 Rotation / magnetic

Installation mode: Embedded installation

Remark: the products only Prtection shell, Charging base, not including iPad!
Product parameters:
Input voltage 100-240V or 12V2A
Output voltage DC12V
Output current 2A
Output Power 24W
Ripple Less than 100mv
Operating temperature -5℃ ~50℃
Working relative humidity -5%-95%RH
Dimensions: Base: 86*90*45mm
Shell: 276*184*17.5mm
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