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You'll be in some sort of spirit world. The knight will draw his sword, and the battle will start. He'll behave like any other Revenant Knight, and as soon as RS gold you kill it, you will exit the spirit world. Now go back to Arianwyn. I have the steel shard, Arianwyn. Fantastic work, Zachman3334. Put the shard on top of this crystal spear, and say that this incantation.

Use your steel shard on the crystal spear, and say the incantation (70 magic and 68 crafting demanded, if you don't have this, the shard will crack in half). You will ask at the last minute about the period gap, but Arianwyn tells you to not worry, her body will just stay the way it did when she went .

Proceed into Zanaris, and input BLQ, and you will be in Yu'Biusk. Head west and you'll find the strange box. Use your Enchanted Crystal Spear onto it, and the box will open, emitting a green glow. You expect Zanik to come outside, but the box rather closes, and a cut scene opens, and you will notice a crying voice.

Nobody could ever find me. I will be stuck here forever. Zanik will then run up to you a hand you this kind of large hug it knocks you to the ground. I knew you would find me, Zachman3334! I knew it I knew it! I found that the green box, then I found you running back to get out. I followed....but I couldn't leave. I had been right in the Rs 2007 gold gateway but it would not let me through.

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