Will the old school disappear soon?

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The old-school Runescape was released by Jagex in 2013. The game is a complete restart of the 2007 version of the game, and this version is widely requested by its closely connected community. The current game version Runescape 3 has lost many players. Game developers made a series of mistakes that caused thousands of players to completely abandon the game. Errors such as ridiculous microtransactions and the complete change of the combat system led to its demise.

Today, thousands of players have returned to Old School Runescape, a game with a higher player base than the new updated version.

He is right. For novices, the F2P robot farm is a headache. Automated accounts (often called robotic programs) take up various methods of obtaining RS Gold provided by Runescape's free world. They did nothing for them. If Jagex cannot resolve this issue as soon as possible, then these players may never come back.
In recent news, Jagex was acquired for $ 530 million. The ancient Runescape community was frightened. The last time Jagex was sold, their favorite game was flooded with unnecessary microtransactions. Therefore, this time Jagex launched a reliable trading website, you can Buy OSRS Gold on https://www.rsgoldbuy.com/Rs3-Gold