The Development Situation Of Hot Air Stenter

The function of the Flat Screen Printer Factory trimming removal system is to collect and transport the data cut out during the production process to the designated address.


         Recently, due to weakened demand, orders have continued to decline. The competitiveness of my country's textile machinery in the world market has dropped significantly. The economic benefits of domestic non-woven fabric enterprises have generally declined. It is very difficult for many non-woven fabric manufacturers to produce and operate. Use traditional production technology and management methods. The conventional low-end products are now difficult to survive and gain a foothold. Choose new skills and adjust the product structure. It has become an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of current enterprises.

   This adjustment of industrial structure can promote breakthroughs in products produced by enterprises. Encourage enterprises to choose new skills and optimize product structure. The development of new products can actually enhance the strength of an enterprise. Make the products produced more advantageous. In the current situation. There is no way out for traditional products. It is necessary to adjust the product structure in combination with the current new skills. Produce products that are more suitable for the market. A necessary technique for Hot Air Stenter. For traditional enterprises. Adjust product structure, screen outdated equipment, promote intelligence, automate production, reduce labor costs, and continue to increase technical transformation and upgrading. Is Hot Air Stenter

  Hot Air Stenter development application can be significantly improved. The localized Hot Air Stenter is still at the middle and low end of the global industrial chain, and the core skills with independent intellectual property rights are still insufficient, and there are even fewer world-renowned brands. The need for intellectual property rights to gradually transform technological innovation advantages into market competitiveness .

  With an important link indispensable in Hot Air Stenter.

   1. Unwinding and unwinding equipment is used to clamp the fabric roll to be processed. When the equipment is running, the cloth roll makes an unwinding movement. This equipment has two operation methods, one is passive unwinding, that is, the unwinding equipment does not have power, and the product is pulled from the parent roll by the winding equipment. This is the operation mode selected by the general small slitting machine. The other is automatic unwinding. The unwinding device drives the drive device to automatically eject the product from the parent roll.

  1. Slitting equipment is the primary work organization of the slitting machine, including slitting knives, tool holders or knife shafts, adjusting and positioning the organization, advancing and retreating to the organization, etc. Commonly used slitting knives have multiple functions, use ranges, and cutting The quality and price also vary greatly. In domestic slitting machines with speeds lower than 800m/min, low-priced civilian razor blades and slightly higher-priced medical scalpels are also used. Because the working points of these props are fixed, they will simply heat up and become blunt when running at high speeds, and the section will often be fluffed after cutting a large mother roll. This is not allowed for medical products.

  The change of tension will affect the flatness of the cut surface, and even cause adjacent cloth rolls to stack on each other and be difficult to separate. Like the influence of winding tension on product quality, the size and stability of tension will also affect the inner quality of the product. If the tension is too high, the product will break.

  1. End-to-end connection equipment, in order to prevent the first parent roll from unwinding, the subsequent parent rolls will have to be repeatedly threaded and wound. The first and last end of the slitting machine can be connected to the first roll after the cloth is used up. , Fix the end of it on the machine, and then connect the follow-up cloth roll technique to it to continue production.
  2. The function of the Flat Screen Printer Factory trimming removal system is to collect and transport the data cut out during the production process to the designated address. Especially when the margins are narrow and cannot be stabilized into a roll, the slitting process can be normal and stable. get on.