I know madden records voices of players throughout the entire

I know madden records voices of players throughout the entire


Drew Lock difficulty in Madden 21

Gonna do a Mut 21 coins quick rant. I know Madden was a really lazy franchise for a while, and I want to make it obvious, I was not anticipating an incredible experience. I heard that this year's setup was particularly bad and didn't plan on buying it at full cost or maybe not even at all. Subsequently the Broncos first five weeks of this 2020 NFL season happened. From time ending injuries to the celebrities such as Miller and Sutton, to no lovers and game cancelations, I had been dying to scratch my Broncos itch and have some fun. So the match was 30% away or something like this.

First thing I did was start a franchise (season mode) with all the active roster and no injuries. It felt so great to find the present team in full strength, prepared to play through a year winning the division, a Lock MVP, and a Super Bowl run. I load and begin my exercises and that is when it happens...

As he is crying out pre-snap calls, his voice is not his own, however a generic actor's voice and it's awful. It's so annoying and makes me cringe. I really don't care about any of those additional features from the game. Maybe I'm weird, but the only reason I play madden would be to feign my team moves on a super bowl run and perform with the Broncos. Drew Lock is the center of this team and the future. That is honesty making my experience unplayable.

I know madden records voices of players throughout the entire year and he can have just had 5 starts last season, but is this the best they can do? I have even heard generic voices in previous madden games sound better than that. Has anyone else experienced this? I can probably alter his voice in the settings so I am probably up in arms for no reason. But I thought this sub would get a kick out of my own frustration.

I know it sounds odd, yet to hear Lock sound like a whiny teenager, I can't help but get pissed. There are not many quarterbacks that have their voices in Madden, maybe not every starting quarterback in the league. It's mainly just the top or elite men. If you have Madden 20 on PC you may get what's called the Start Today mod, which updates all rosters, uniforms, stadiums, beginner player portraits, etc.. Far better than giving EA $60 for Madden 21. You put all this effort into this post and we can not even get a buy Madden 21 coins sound bite? C'mon man! Fantastic point. Okay I simply added a clip to the article. They simply care about superstars as well as the Cowboys. He will need to find a couple advertisements or something before they even realize his presence.

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