Precautions For Re-brewing Of China Chunmee Green Tea

The tea time is too long: China Chunmee Green Tea is best to drink after soaking for 4-6 minutes.


   (1) The tea time is too long: China Chunmee Green Tea is best to drink after soaking for 4-6 minutes. Therefore, 80% of caffeine and 60% of other soluble substances have been soaked. If the time is too long, the tea will be bitter. Tea that has been boiled for a long time on a thermos or on a stove is prone to chemical changes and should not be drunk.

   (2) Throw away the tea leaves that have been brewed: Most people throw away the used tea leaves after brewing the tea. In fact, this is uneconomical. You should chew the tea and swallow it, because the tea contains more carotene, crude fiber and other nutrients.

   (3) Get used to making strong tea: To make a cup of moderately concentrated tea, you generally need about 10 grams of tea. Some people like to make strong tea. If the tea is too strong, too much caffeine and tannic acid will be leached, which is too irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. After making a cup of tea, you can refill the water and make another 3-4 cups.

   In short, the key to the amount of tea used is to grasp the ratio of tea to water. If there is more tea and less water, the flavor will be strong; if less tea is more water, the flavor will be weak. Someone once did such an experiment: Take 4 tea cups, put 3 grams of the same tea in each equal amount, and then pour 50 ml, 150 ml and 200 ml of boiling water respectively. After reviewing the taste of the tea soup after 5 minutes, the taste was very strong with 50 ml of water, the taste of 100 ml of water was too strong, the taste of 150 ml of water was normal, and the taste of 200 ml of water was lighter.

Generally speaking, the temperature of the tea brewing water is positively related to the solubility of the effective substances in the tea in water. The higher the water temperature, the greater the solubility, the thicker the tea soup; on the contrary, the lower the water temperature, the lower the solubility, the lighter the tea soup, generally 60℃ The leaching amount of warm water is only equivalent to 45-65% of the leaching amount of boiling water at 100°C.

One point must be explained here. As mentioned above, high-grade green tea is suitable for brewing with 80℃ water. This usually means boiling the water (the water temperature reaches 100℃) and then cooling it to the required temperature; if it is sterile raw water , You only need to burn to the required temperature.

   The above is the introduction of Zhenan China Tea Suppliers on several things that should be paid attention to when making tea. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand this knowledge.