Hot Air Stenter Machine Machine Type

Hot Air Stenter Machine magnetic roller type printing device


  1, the flat screen printing machine of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

The    screen moving flat screen printing machine is to paste the fabric on a fixed printing platen, and use manual or semi-mechanical operation to make the color frame move intermittently along the length of the fabric, and print one plate after another. The length and width of the platen depends on the type of fabric to be processed. In order to make the platen have proper elasticity, a layer of artificial leather is often laid on its surface, and a blanket or double-sided cotton blanket is placed under the artificial leather. There is a heating device under the table to keep the temperature of the table at 45°C, which is convenient for fabric sticking and drying the color paste, and prevents the color paste from coloring when the front and rear color frames are printed. There are positioning holes on both sides of the platen to fix the position of the color frame to prevent wrong flowers. Hand-made platen printing is not easy to control by tension, color frame size, and color number. It is especially suitable for real silk, synthetic fiber, knitted fabric and large pattern or all-over printing. However, since the patching, frame shifting, and squeegee are all manual operations, they have high technical requirements for operators, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, and printing defects such as uneven squeegee.
When    semi-automatic platen printing machine is printing, the color frame is automatically raised and lowered, automatically shifted, and automatically printed by manual patching and automatic control mechanism.
  2, cloth moving flat screen printing machine
The cloth moving flat screen printing machine adopts computer control technology to realize automatic cloth feeding, automatic cloth sticking, automatic lifting and lowering of color frame, automatic scraping, automatic drying of fabrics and automatic cloth discharge, which reduces the labor intensity of the operators and improves the production. Efficiency is the most commonly used flat screen printing machine.
  Second, the squeegee device: The squeegee device is an important unit that directly affects the quality of printing. It is divided into two types: rubber squeegee (abbreviated as squeegee) and magnetic squeegee roller (abbreviated as magnetic roller).
  1, scraper type printing device
   Scraper type printing device consists of transmission box, guide frame, sliding seat, scraper, color frame and color frame adjustment frame. The transmission box adopts variable frequency motor speed control transmission, which is used to control the post-scraping and knife change actions of the scraper slide: the scraping speed, stroke, times and overflow (float) can be set by the button on the control panel, and the scraping The speed is 0.4~2.2m/s, divided into 10 gears. The pressure, angle and height of the squeegee can be manually adjusted by the corresponding rotating handle on the sliding seat. The adjustment range of the squeegee angle is 25°. Generally, double squeegees are used for latitudinal squeegee, and the number of squeegees is 1 to 8 times. The color frame adjustment frame is not only used to support the color frame, but also to adjust the height, low, vertical and horizontal positions of the color frame to adjust the color registration. The function of the color frame shrinking frame is to place the color frames of different widths to meet the needs of narrow fabric printing.
  2, Hot Air Stenter Machine magnetic roller type printing device
  The magnetic roller type printing device is composed of a guide frame, a color frame, a color frame adjustment frame, a metal roller and a magnetic device (referred to as a magnetic box). Under the action of electromagnetic suction under the guide belt, pressure is generated between the metal roller and the screen. When the magnetic device moves, the horizontal force of the electromagnetic suction on the metal roller core and the frictional resistance of the screen against the metal roller surface form a pair of force couples. , To make the metal roller roll on the surface of the screen with the movement of the magnetic box. The magnetic box can be driven by a hydraulic cylinder or driven by a motor-driven column compound screw. The magnetic roller scraping device has a simple structure and adopts warp printing, which has better uniformity than scraping along the width. There is rolling friction between the squeegee roller and the screen surface, which can prolong the service life of the screen, but the flatness of the metal roller Straightness and surface roughness are required to be high, and the scraping speed of each chromatic squeegee roller is the same. It cannot be adjusted according to the process requirements like the scraping speed or the number of scraping times.