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capable of reason pneumonia. 9) mistakes whilst handling. The suitable manner to choose up and hold a


guinea pig is by means of putting one hand beneath the body, with the thumb spherical a the front leg, and supporting   Cirnix RX  the burden with the second one hand beneath the hindquarters. A guinea pig must in no manner be pulled via the fur or with the aid of the usage of a leg. Eight) no longer clipping nails. This need to be achieved often, as a minimum as soon as a month, for the cause that nails grow and get within the manner of the guinea pig. If an extended nail breaks, it is able to bring about infections and abscesses. 7) using a twine mesh backside cage. This is not a excellent idea with guinea pigs, on the grounds that their small ft slip thru the mesh and get indignant thru the steel, inflicting foot sores and an.

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