I have been off from RS for about 3 decades now

I have been off from RS for about 3 decades now


I have been off from RS for RS gold about 3 decades now, and am seeking to return. I have been reading up on a lot of the newest updates which were released while I've been off, and am starting to figure out things, marginally. I realised Dual Wielding has been published, and had a few questions. Formerly when I was playing, I utilized an Abyssal Whip a Dragon Defender. Seeing as Dual Wielding has now been published, I was wondering whether it'd be better to use an offhand weapon as opposed to the Defender. That brings me to my second question.

That offhand weapon should I use if Dual Wielding? I figured that the Abyssal Whip offhand replicate I would not have the ability to have at the moment, as I lacked the essential skills. I figured either a Dragon Scimitar or even a Dragon Dagger will be best, but then again I could be completely wrong. The main reason why I ask is because having checked Runescape Wiki, it says that both the Dagger Scimitar have exactly the same Damage (576) and Accuracy (1132). So down it to you deciding that you prefer the appearance of something different? I noticed the Dagger is actually much cheaper though, so I was wondering why you would pick the Dagger over the Scimitar. Thanks guys. I've only levelled to 70 defence; basically, my strategy is to level the 3 melee skills to 70, then 75 before taking a break. Att and Def are at 70 today, Str at 65. Now I am at 70 Def, you will find far more choices when it comes to armour. More specifically, I am thinking of changing my body armour. Right now I'm using a Granite Body and in all honesty I'm not much of a fan of it, but it gets the job done I guess.

What I am really asking is Barrows armour value it for coaching? I'm not the wealthiest (now got just about 1.2m) and it seems a small waste for me to keep fixing it when I do not PK or anything similar to this. Or can it be worth investing in Verac's Brassard for instance? Barrows armor is really great, almost certain it weighs a lot less compared to granite, and some of it has pretty good ol' bonuses (not that you'd need that). For coaching, it's still pretty good, and fifteen hours is a lot of experience.

A little bit of research demonstrates that a buy osrs gold paypal body is 270k to fix at Bob. I dunno precisely how to compute how many repairs you would use (mostly because I have not been feeling well today) until you get to that from 270000 (or less, if you utilize POH armor rack ), but it is a great deal of lives. If yes, in which board can I do it? I believe it depends on precisely what you're planning to do. Can you give an true RuneScape account? No, that is account trading and considered RWT from Jagex's rules which we adhere to.

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