Shine Is A Company Specializing In Mold Manufacturing

Shine is a company specializing in mold manufacturing; we export more than 100 Bucket Moulds to customers every year.


  Shine is a company specializing in mold manufacturing; we export more than 100 Bucket Moulds to customers every year. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship, and thank our customers for trusting us, we will continue to provide all customers with high-quality molds and services! How much does a set of Bucket Mould cost? That depends on your requirements for the mold, different standard costs, and different prices, the price of the paint bucket mold will also include copper inserts, which is very beneficial for cooling and cycle time.

  Our advantages and services:

  We are a professional factory with rich experience in bucket molds and can provide you with high-quality, high-priced, and experienced molds.

  We have excellent Drawer Mould and barrel mold professional designers and mold manufacturers, and more than 10 years of barrel mold manufacturing experience.

  Quality is the life of our company, we pay attention to quality and time control.

  Each mold processing process will be notified once a week. And send the mold trial video and report.

  We treat customers as friends and focus on every detail of the mold.

  Fast delivery, we have a strict process control system to guarantee delivery.

  High-speed CNC machine, engraving machine, EDM, grinder, drilling machine, etc. All this equipment ensures the excellent quality of the mold.

  Our company is located in Taizhou, close to Ningbo and Shanghai ports, with convenient transportation.

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