Animal Crossing has a cherry blossom DIY recipe

Cherry blossoms are reborn in Animal Crossing: Spring's new horizons. At this festival, players can get every DIY recipe for cherry blossoms.


With the arrival of the real world, Animal Crossing also ushered in spring. Spring is animal crossing: a new era of new horizons. Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently passed its first anniversary. Since its release, the game has indeed been a huge success, and breaks and seasonal events have been celebrated throughout the year.

The game has recently surpassed its Easter event and reached the second most important level, and now it's time for Sakura to generate revenue. To cater to the needs of players, the ACBellsBuy store will release items about spring for the first time. Players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Items. These beautiful little petals bring great vitality to your player's island.

Every tree on the island can have sakura, and sakura is the main leaf that connects all the trees. Similar to catching errors, the player will linger in the air with cherry blossoms. Thus, players can use their nets to capture them. These have become one of the main materials for obtaining a large number of different furniture and decorative items.

For those who want to do a spring cleaning, nothing can celebrate the warm season like other cherry blossoms. Spring can always bring happiness to people. Most players choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. In the morning announcement, Isabelle will introduce players to their first cherry blossom recipe. From there, players will have to find other recipes.

Seasonal items will always appear and disappear. Make sure to catch them before the time runs out. Celebrate spring, but you like animals crossing. Players find a recipe and can customize any style they like. This is a very interesting activity.

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