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With the demand of the market, the requirements for screen printing machines are getting higher and higher. So today let’s talk about the price of Flat Screen Printer?


No matter in which industry customers are most concerned about price, the most heard question this year is how much is the price of the screen printing machine? The price of the same product changes every year. With the demand of the market, the requirements for screen printing machines are getting higher and higher. So today let’s talk about the price of Flat Screen Printer?
1. How much is the vertical semi-automatic screen printing machine?
Vertical semi-automatic screen printers and ordinary screen printers are divided into different printing areas and requirements, and ordinary screen printers currently sell for 20,000-100,000 yuan. There are two types of traditional screen printing machines: inclined arm type and vertical type. The vertical screen is a bit more expensive than the oblique arm screen. The vertical screen has a wide range of applications in the printing industry such as electronics, conductive films, glue bonds, ultraviolet polishing, and plastic cases. The printing area of ​​a conventional vertical screen printer is about 300×500-600×900 mm, and the specific price is determined by the printing area. This screen printing machine sells for 25,000 to 80,000 yuan. The oblique arm screen printing machine is mainly used for high-precision flat screen printing of various thicknesses of negatives, cards, plates and papers. Because of its lower precision than vertical screen printing, various packaging boxes, transfer papers, soft films, hard films, etc., are sold at 20,000-70,000 yuan in industries such as PVC, PET, and computers.

two. What is the price of a high-precision thick film screen printing machine?
Thick film screen printers Thick film screen printers are generally used for printing new energy storage materials, mainly used for thick film circuits, ceramic thick film circuits, solar panels, perovskite panels, photovoltaic panels, flexible aluminum-graphene The printing process of batteries, flexible circuit boards, IPO films, invisible materials and various chip components and electronic components. Thick film screen printers are also divided into: whether it is equipped with charge coupled devices, manual/automatic alignment system functions, and printing accuracy requirements The price of manual calibration of thick film screen printing presses with charge-coupled devices such as whether the platform is raised or lowered is around 80,000-120,000 yuan. The price of thick film screen printing machine with electric coupling device is between 90-250,000 yuan, but the printing area is smaller than traditional screen printing machine. If you need to increase the printing area, the price can be more than 150,000 yuan.
3. What is the price of the high-precision surface screen printing machine?
The curved screen printing machine, also called the round curved screen printing machine, is mainly used for printing stainless steel pipe products, electric hot water faucets, direct heating electric water heaters, boiling water machines, coffee machines, etc. Due to the different requirements for scraping accuracy and price in industrial steam generators, fluid pipe insulation and other fields, curved screen printing machines can be divided into ordinary and precision versions. The price of refined curved screen printing machine is around 70,000 to 120,000 yuan. The smaller the diameter of tube printing, the greater the difficulty and the higher the price. The customized screen printing machine production line not only includes a machine, but also not only used for printing screen, it can integrate loading and unloading, drying and other functions. The establishment of labor-saving and convenient enterprise production lines is suitable for various fields. The cheapest production line may be a semi-artificial intelligence production line, which costs about 100,000 yuan. The price of the assembly line is completely determined by the customer's special configuration requirements and intelligent matching requirements, and can reach millions.
Stenter's application is very extensive, and the market price also depends on the needs of its specific application areas.

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