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To start speak with King Roald. An imp steals the king's crownthen teleports to the imp king's castle and gives it to the king who'd always wanted one. The king tells you to seek out the wizard on top of the wizard OSRS gold tower, but the magician wants 20 fire runes and 5 chaos runes to get a brand new spell he has been attempting to make. After you've given the runes he teleports you to some fiery dungeon and you must combat imp guards (lvl 25). They use melee and ranged but will not auto attack.

The imp king drops a crown and 3 ashes. Return to varrock and talk to Roald. For the benefit, he gives you 5kgp, 1.2k attack xp, a ring that could teleport you to varrock 3 days before it crumbles, and 1qp.

I was tired so I re-did the pursuit because it was way to easy and the benefits were awful. The requirements would be able to battle a lvl 40 imp king along with 20 assault.

Have you ever envisioned sailing the vast seas of Gielnor, battling enormous sea creatures and battling for treasure, glory and standing? This is the subject for you. Old school runescape gold will be changed forever by the art of sailing: a tie-in together with construction. Creating your ship is the very first thing to do, then you can paddle with your buddies while fishing or create a battleship big enough to devour sea creatures and destroy your enemies. Let's start explaining.

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