The VAPCELL M11 18350 9A Flat Top 1100mAh Battery Review

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The Vapcell M11 18350 9A Flat Top 1100mAh Battery. This compact yet high-powered battery is designed to elevate your vaping experience with its impressive 9A continuous discharge and 1100mAh capacity.



In the rapidly evolving world of vaping, where innovation is the key to an unparalleled experience, the VAPCELL M11 18350 9A Flat Top 1100mAh Battery stands out as a powerhouse. This compact yet mighty battery is designed to deliver exceptional performance, making it a go-to choice for vapers seeking both power and reliability.

Compact Design, Maximum Power:

The VAPCELL M11 18350 battery is renowned for its compact design, making it the perfect fit for smaller devices without sacrificing power. With a flat top design and dimensions of 18mm x 35mm, this battery is a testament to the engineering marvels that have taken place in the world of vaping.

One of the most striking features of the VAPCELL M11 is its impressive 9A continuous discharge rate. This high discharge rate ensures that the battery can handle the demands of even the most advanced vaping setups, providing a consistent and reliable power source.

1100mAh Capacity for Extended Vaping Sessions:

Despite its small battery size, the VAPCELL M11 boasts an impressive 1100mAh capacity. This means that vapers can enjoy extended vaping sessions without constantly worrying about running out of battery. The combination of a high discharge rate and substantial capacity makes this battery a must-have for those who demand both power and endurance from their vaping devices.

Flat Top Design for Versatility:

The flat-top design of the VAPCELL M11 adds another layer of versatility to this exceptional battery. Its flat positive terminal makes it compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring that vapers can enjoy the benefits of this battery across various platforms. Whether you're using a mechanical mod or a regulated device, the VAPCELL M11 is designed to seamlessly integrate into your setup.

Safety First:

VAPCELL prioritizes safety in their battery designs, and the M11 is no exception. With built-in safety features such as over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection and high-temperature resistance, vapers can have peace of mind while using the VAPCELL M11. These safety features not only protect the battery itself but also contribute to a safer overall vaping experience.


In conclusion, the VAPCELL M11 18350 9A Flat Top 1100mAh Battery is a game-changer for vapers who demand high performance in a compact form factor. Its combination of a high discharge rate, substantial capacity, and flat top design make it a versatile choice for a wide range of vaping setups. With safety features that prioritize the well-being of both the battery and the user, the VAPCELL M11 sets a new standard for excellence in the world of vaping. Upgrade your vaping experience today with the VAPCELL M11 and unlock the true potential of your device.