Disposable Gloves Market Growth Prospects, Key Vendors, and Future Scenario

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The global disposable gloves market is estimated to touch USD 12.4 billion in 2023, and it will touch USD 16.3 billion, growing at a 4% compound annual growth rate, by 2030.

North America Is Dominating Disposable Gloves Market 

The global disposable gloves market is estimated to touch USD 12.4 billion in 2023, and it will touch USD 16.3 billion, growing at a 4% compound annual growth rate, by 2030.

The development of the market is credited to the rising requirement for throwaway gloves in the healthcare industry, with the growing awareness regarding HAI. The healthcare sector in major developing nations is projected to witness significant development because of the increasing investments from both the private and public sectors, as well as the rising elderly populace, and the rising migrant influx. Furthermore, the growing expenditures on healthcare will fuel the need for throwaway gloves.

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A large number of work-related fatalities and injuries take place across industries each year. As many of the workers' hands come into contact with hazardous substances and materials, there can be accidents caused by inadequate safety measures. In this regard, the chemical and petrochemical sector as well as the oil & gas industry are major drivers of market growth.

Nitrile is an artificial rubber that is extremely tough, which is why it is extensively utilized to make gloves. Lately, nitrile has become more inexpensive and attained substantial popularity in the cleaning, food, and medical industries. A main benefit provided by nitrile gloves is their advanced puncture resistance compared to those made of any other material.

Single-use items have become a key trend throughout the globe, particularly since the onset of the epidemic. COVID-19 has significantly raised people’s knowledge of how contagions spread, which has emphasized the importance of throwaway gloves in a variety of applications, from medicinal to household. Additionally, HAIs continue as a key concern, with 1 in 31 hospitalized patients in the U.S. contracting an HAI daily.

On the basis of material, the natural rubber category will dominate the market in 2023. This is mainly because natural rubber throwaway gloves offer better safety and performance in several applications, such as food processing and service, automotive, pharmaceutical & healthcare, and janitorial & sanitation.

In 2023, North America is dominating the market, as the outburst of COVID-19 has led to the rising need for throwaway gloves in the region. The increasing healthcare expenditures, the growing awareness about HAIs, and the rising elderly populace are also projected to positively affect the regional industry.

The improvement of the public healthcare infrastructure with the rising expenditure by corporate and government entities is possible to fuel the need for healthcare. Ultimately, the need for tough and throwaway gloves will rise due to the rising medicinal industry in the region. 

Additionally, the OSHA’s rules for workplace security are rather severe in the U.S., which propels the need for all types of industrial-grade personal protection equipment, including 
overalls, gloves, visors, and masks.

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